In India, weddings are an extremely important affair with a lot of sentiments and emotions attached to them. Wedding is an event that every couple wants to celebrate in their own special way. And in order to do that, many couples today are opting for destination weddings. Destination weddings enable the wedding to be a private affair with a limited number of guests and offer beautiful locations and rejuvenating experience to the couple as well as all the guests. And when it comes to destination weddings, beach weddings in India always bag a special mention.

India is a country with a vast coastline and many placid beaches that can uplift the appeal of destination weddings to another level. Serene stretches of mushy sand of a canopy of coconut and palm trees make it a perfect setting for a romantic wedding. Although Goa is at the peak of destination weddings, there are also many other unexplored locations that can offer an out worldly wedding experience to the couples.

Some of the reasons to have a beach wedding in India are as follows

  • Couples are able to have a small private affair with only a few close guests. Unlike as in a non-destination wedding, beach weddings do not require gatherings of 500 people, half of which are not even important.
  • It is often less costly as compared to non-destination weddings, mostly because the number of guests to be entertained is lower and the expenses of 5-star hotels are eliminated.
  • The locations are splendid and offer a mesmerizing experience like none other.
  • Unlike ordinary weddings that are preferably done at night, beach weddings occur in the day time that guarantees the couple their perfect wedding album.
  • Many affordable wedding planners offer beautiful décor and customizations to make the wedding very lovable and special. The couple has the independence to design their special day in their own way.
  • Beach weddings can often offer exotic weather conditions to celebrate different functions in their own dazzling way.
  • In case the marriage is arranged, a beach wedding is the impeccable setting to spark new romances and fall in love.
  • Beach weddings in India will not just be a wedding, but also a much-needed mini-vacation for all the guests, giving them some time off from their stressful lives.
  • These reasons prove that getting hitched on the beach is a dream come true for most couples.

Some of the finest beach wedding locations in the country are as follows


Beach Weddings in India

Kerala is considered to be the land of Gods and is a beautiful place to get married. Surrounded by nature at its best, Kerala offers some of the most alluring locations to get hitched by seeking God’s blessings.


Beach Weddings in India

Goa has one of the best beaches in the country like the Baga Beach, Vagator Beach, etc. which makes it a dreamy wedding destination for everyone. An epitome of scenic beauty, Goa is truly an exquisite location for marriage.


Beach Weddings in India

With the Bay of Bengal at its coast, the sea stretches till as far as possible with fine golden sand to offer the perfect place to fall in love over and over again.

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