Monsoon is the season of rain and a lot of humidity in the atmosphere. It is most suitable for long drives or for reading a book with a cup of tea or coffee. It is also a perfect wedding season but not a great season for makeup yet you guys don’t have to worry because there are a lot of wedding makeup tips coming your way.

First, the most important thing is to make a Perfect Base for further makeup. All other things are layered on it which makes a perfect base pretty important. For dry skins, the best way is to use an ice cube on the face using a cloth and used it for about 7-10 minutes before applying makeup and to make sure clean the face well. This methods fight against the sweats caused due to humidity and hence allows makeup to stay longer.

Monsoon Makeup

Oily and Cream Based Products Should Be Avoided as the skin is already pretty oily in this season instead water-based products like water-based foundation should be used. It is suggested to use the water-based product because oil or cream based product when mixed with sweat caused by humidity fades away the other products used. Hence, Glitter and Shimmer which nowadays is liked by almost everyone Should Be Avoided as they make the skin look oilier than it already is due to the presence of humidity in the air. You can use matte products though instead.

Another very common yet important thing is to Use Waterproof Products to avoid fading off of the makeup and colors used. Mascara, kajal, and eyeliner are the most important and mostly used waterproof products. The black color eye shadow can be used along with it as it will serve dual purpose first it will help in setting the above products and second, it will also compliment the season.

An Effective Setting Spray From a Good Brand should be used. Even after the use of good makeup product, it may melt because of the tricky season which makes it important to use a good setting spray after the makeup is done to avoid its fading away.

Last but not least wear your makeup with Confidence And a Beautiful Smile. We hope the tips mentioned above help you to be the best version of yourself in all the weddings during this monsoon. We wish you a very happy monsoon!

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