Surat is known as one of the most famous spots and the best destination for weddings. This highly rising and developing city has an incredible global market and a huge variety of population. With the availability of resources and globalization (mingling with different cultures) destination weddings in Surat have now become a trend. The affordability of the materialistic items, variety of food, wedding halls makes it all the better. These are the main reasons as to why group marriages vastly take place in this city.

The availability of vast wedding halls with great packages is a major reason. This is a list of the best hotels available for weddings in Surat:

Blaster family spot: It is a banquet hall based in the vibrant city of Surat. It is a complete family spot which is spacious and well equipped providing quality services that shall make moments memorable. It can accommodate up to 300 people and charges 450INR per plate.

Why is Surat Famous For Wedding Fashion

The Grand Bhagwati, Surat: This hotel provides travelers with a unique haven in the city, blending the rich history and amazing services provided 24 hours with latest amenities. It includes a fine dining and rich interior setting. It offers 170 luxurious rooms and suites (5-star hotel). It can accommodate from 20 to 10000 people.

Why is Surat Famous For Wedding Fashion

Lords Plaza, Surat: This hotel is perfect for planning an ideal wedding and Lords Plaza is the best option. With a capacity to accommodate 20 to 300 guests at a time, it is a wonderful and spacious banquet. The services provided are commendable and it also has plenty of rear and vibrant decoration settings. The charges per plate start from 500 INR.

Why is Surat Famous For Wedding Fashion

These were only three main hotels in the city of Surat but there are a number of 5-star hotels and banquet halls throughout Surat for weddings that are not any less than 5 stars along with affordable prices, available online for booking too.

Apart from that, shopping centers in the city are eye-widening and the prices would want anyone grab as many items as they can at a go, which is why Surat is the fashion hub when it comes to weddings.

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