Netflix has been one of the highest grossing show networking sites throughout the world. A teenager would never be able to release their stress or divert their attention from their daily hectic lives or chaos without binge-watching Netflix shows. Hence, here is a list of the top Netflix series in 2019

Stranger Things 3

Top Netflix Series in 2019

The sequel to Stranger Things and Stranger Things two, this Netflix series created a massive hype amongst the interested audiences. Receiving a 97% of interest and an 8.9/10, Stranger Things turned out to be one of the topmost shows on the site. The plot revolves around a science fiction genre highlighted with a great deal of suspense, mystery, secret government experiments, and a weird little girl.

Black Mirror Season 5

Top Netflix Series in 2019

Black Mirror season 5 reached where it is starting from 2012 and it gained a great deal of popularity in 2019, hence turning into the top show of the year by far. With a 94% of interest gained and 8.9/10 IMDb, the show is an anthology series that focuses on a bunch of people’s personal lives and how technology influences their daily lifestyle, morals, values, and behavior.

The Umbrella Academy

Top Netflix Series in 2019

Released in February 2019 this show was liked by 97% of the Netflix watching population. The series is based on a collection of comics and graphic novels made and written by My Chemical Romance Lead Singer Gerard Way. The plot revolves around the year 1989 where children are undeterminable born to a woman who showed no signs of pregnancy the day prior to the births.

Orange is the New Black, season 7

Top Netflix Series in 2019

With 96% of the Netflix consumers liking the show, Orange is the New Black holds an IMDb rate of 8.1/10 revolving around two main characters Piper, who is jailed for transporting drug money to Alex. The harshness of the prison changes Piper into doing the unthinkable.

When They See Us

Top Netflix Series in 2019

Released on the 31st of May 2019, When They See Us received a lot of positive videos with 97% likes and a whopping 9.1/10 IMDb. It focuses on the year 1989 on a jogger who was physically and mentally assaulted and raped in NY City and the culprits being charged for their crimes, not until 2014.

These were the five best-recommended shows of Netflix in 2019.

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