Deepika Padukone does not need a description or an introduction; she in herself is an entire brand and the biggest fashion inspiration. It is no secret that she has a massive fan following for her fashion sense and trendsetting personality. This dimpled queen is looked upon as one of the trendiest actresses of Bollywood and she never ceases to amaze the audience with her ever succeeding experiments. Kudos to Shaleena Nathani, Padukone’s stylist, for doing justice to this elegant personality.

Here we will be discussing five of the best saree looks pulled off by Deepika Padukone.

Five Times Deepika Rocked in a Saree

The blouse is what caught most eyeballs in this set full of greenery. The puffed sleeves do great justice to her slim figure and the contrast of the same shade ads a higher accent to the golden hues. She chose to add it on with a neck-choking necklace and raindrop earrings that embossed the golden shade of the saree, ending it with minimal makeup and she was all set to go. The side partition of the hair is a great choice to add to the simplicity making it one of her best looks.

Five Times Deepika Rocked in a Saree

There is not much to say except Deepika looks like a fully fledged royal princess with the saree perfectly draping her figure and the only thing that makes her look turn into a ten on ten is the pearl necklace that adds glimmer to her entire style.

This one was a bold move by Deepika because striped sarees cannot be pulled off by everyone, but Deepika can be capable of doing it without worrying much considering how well it all clustered as. The hair bun was another courageous move by her to let all the attention to go to her saree, but the bold lipstick is a cherry on top.

Five Times Deepika Rocked in a Saree

Deepika is perfectly capable of turning any look into a hue of glamour by accessorizing it well. This orangish-pink saree is a great example of her sticking to the traditional outfit with bold and dark eye makeup and nude lip color. The necklace grabs the attention and makes her look beautiful as ever.

This wedding look has got to be her best outfits, obviously of all times. The white being heavily bordered with golden and minimal makeup makes her look like nothing less than an Indian goddess.

Deepika Padukone, without any doubt, is an absolute fashion diva.

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