Marriage is a very important event for both the bride’s as well as the groom. The families require a lot of planning and preparation to make it successfully happen. Lots of things change after this, especially for the brides. On their marriage day, it is very important for the brides to look their best as it becomes one of those days which you are going to remember in the later time. But if the wedding is in the summer months then she has to be very careful not only with her attire but also with her bridal makeup as the weather and the temperature can affect her charm and her looks.

Bridal Makeup Tips - Summer 2019

So below mentioned are some of the summer bridal makeup tips:

  • Do not overdo moisturizer: Though applying moisturizer adds nourishment to your skin but it is adviced not to apply so much of moisturizer on your face during summer time even if you have dry skin because it will lighten the makeup when you will be sweating and it will make your skin greasy. Apply gel-based moisturizer only on the dry area.
  • Avoid using heavy foundation: Heavy foundation especially oil-based foundations should be avoided in such weathers as it will make you sweat more. Always do light make – up in such situations. If you are using liquid foundation, use a wet sponge to apply it and; spread it uniformly.
  • Prefer waterproof mascara over volumizing mascara: In the summer season when you have the maximum chance of sweating and; your make-up being spread, so you should always use waterproof mascara in spite of those mascara which gives long eyelashes as a light make-up is always better than blowout makeup.
  • Hair before make-up: One should always try to do their make-up at the end of everything as it will help the make-up to last longer.
  • Keep the skin shimmer in summer: Avoid oil-based or cream foundations or any such beauty product which is too luminous as due to sweat and; humid, your skin will automatically shine. We should try to be in a radiance look.
  • Keep the skin healthy: Always keep the skin hydrated. It will give your skin a natural shine & glow. Eat healthy foods & avoid oily & spicy foods 2-3 weeks prior to the marriage day. Sleep is very important for the skin & face to look fresh.
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