We all know that your BFF will be happier, more excited and more enthusiastic about your wedding than you yourself. Of course, she knows you too well to be happy for the dude you’re getting married to. She knows “the absolute mess” the guy is getting into and the challenges he’ll have to face thereafter.

Your BFF also knows how much your wedding means to you and all that she has to do to make it the time of your life!! This BFF of yours is happily going to play multiple roles in getting things done. And is going to be by your side at the end of the day when you’re exhausted with all the functions and people. You’d want to hug her and unwind.

The Approval

We are all so excited when the two are supposed to meet. Isn’t it? How did you like him? or What do you think of him? Come on! We all ask our BFF for their approval and what they think of the guy. Should we take the relationship forward? is it going to be worth it?


Her job starts right there.

Phone Calls From Your Mom

The folks back at home think – that we are we chilling our best friends place, unknown of the fact that she is just taking calls reassuring them that she is happy and “in the washroom” and will call back once she’s out!!

The Bachelorette

Who do you think is going to be in charge of the crazy bachelorette party/ trip? Who do you think decides what you wear? and the venue and the theme. HER!! Of course, it’s her!

Then Comes The Wedding

From the engagement to the main day of the marriage. It’s more of your BFF than even your mother. Cause your mother knows she’ll handle it, and handle it well. From the venue to the caters to the bridal clothes, she is seen managing them all.

The Part-Time Photographer

Of course, you’ll have professional photographers at your wedding. But you see, these photographers cannot be omnipresent, which is why God made your BFF. The selfie stick. Who else will happily take and delete 100’s of pictures?

Hungry kyaa?

You undoubtedly are the star of the evening. But you also are the hungriest of them all. You might be getting too much attention and appreciation from the relative and friends. But you certainly aren’t getting enough food. Until she steps in with plates full of goodies.

Nervous? You Need a drink!

You know you are at an important place and are being talked about too. You need to be at your best behavior. It’s not only about you now, but it’s also about your husband’s reputation. You can not afford to make any mistakes. These are things that you’ve been stressing over until your angelic BFF sneaks in some shots and frees you off all your stress.

The Bidaayi

You can hear your BFF cry the loudest! She’s not crying for you, by the way, she’s crying for the gentle soul that’s in for trouble, now on. Her cries are so painful, that they might scare the daylights out of your husband.

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