Skin is something that needs time and love and really needs to be pampered so it glows – Just like us girls. Isn’t it? We glow when we’re loved the right way.

We work so hard the entire while, home to office to get togethers. Our skin is subjected to so much damage – the UV rays, dust, allergies, acne, and the list goes on!

And we need it to look its best on the day of our marriage. Fair enough, but like us, it too needs time to repair and get glowing. Over-night is is a scam! Nothing at all can happen overnight. If anyone tells you about some random thing happening “overnight”, PUNCH EM IN THE FACE!!

Below given is a routine that you could follow a week or preferably two weeks in advance Because again, I repeat, the skin too needs time to move past all the environmental damages and GLOW!

  • Avoid experimenting with new makeup products 2 – 3 weeks prior to your Big day. Any skin reaction/ allergy is going to take time to heal and get back to normal and I’m sure you cannot afford that. It’s not just the skin, there’s a lot of mental stress that you go through along with it.
  • You could replace your regular chai with Gree Tea. Chai lover, please don’t hate me for these harsh words! Green Tea has anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that are also known to aid weight loss.
Skincare routine
  • Having talked about weight loss, start working out too. Exercising can help you not only to reduce weight but also helps to get that nice flushed glow on your face.
  • Don’t to lose weight, don’t opt for dieting because dieting can do more harm than good as can deprive you of the important nutrients too. It’s better to eat healthily and avoid the sweetmeats as much as you can!
skincare routine
  • But even then if you opt for dieting, please take your multivitamins that supplement all your dietary requirements
skincare routine
  • Applying makeup onto dry, flaky skin will always end up looking all cakey and unflattering. EXFOLIATE your skin. By exfoliating will get rid of all the dry and dead skin and your face will feel really soft and smooth. Now just try applying your makeup to this skin. You’ll notice a huge difference.
skincare routine
  • Tone – This step will reduce the size of your pores. Who likes big open pores? Literally no one. Toning is done after the face has been cleansed and is all clean and dry. Tonight also helps in reducing the oil secretion.
skincare routine
  • Moisturize – This step gives the skin its much-needed moisture. You can not miss this step in winters at least. Your face will look like someone has thrown powder all over your face cause of the dryness. Don’t let this happen!
skincare routine
  1. SPF – Do you think us Indians can EVER afford to avoid this step? With so much sun and sun exposure, we all need SPF. Applying SPF will not only protect you from the harmful UV rays but will also lighten your dark spots and so it become twice more important for you to invest in a good quality product with high SPF.
skincare routine
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