Best makeup artists in Delhi? Is it a big deal? At first, maybe you don’t consider it to be such an issue. But later you realize it is a big deal, Yes, of course, it is a very BIG DEAL! Delhi is full of talent. And you’ll certainly find it very hard to choose one.

Makeup is a very essential part of the entire wedding look. Its a very important day for the bride and she’d do anything to look her best.

Below is a list of the Best Makeup Artists in Delhi, we hope you find what you’re looking for. You can always thank us later, no issues!

Ambika Pillai
Best Makeup artists

How can anyone ever skip her from this list? this legendary makeup artist has been in this industry for more than 2 decades. She is the ultimate destination for all your makeup requirements. She takes care of the makeup as well as the hair for a complete look. So that saves you the effort of hunting for a hairstylist.

Shruti Sharma
Best Makeup artists

She has been obsessing over makeup since her childhood. Shruti used to be playing and essentially experimenting with her mothers makeup while she was fast asleep. All this has been her hobby and she has made that into an entire career now. Its because of this passion for makeup, that she’s got all the bride to swear by her.

Avantika Kapur
Best Makeup artists

Got her training from AOFM institute in London. She is one of the most sought after makeup artists when it comes to the wedding look. She’s got great skills to get the perfect base in order to achieve that flawless look. She can help you with the makeup, hair a the saree draping.

Shalini Singh
Best Makeup artists

She has been operating out of the famous Style Studio salon in Delhi. Shalini is so skillful and precise in her work that she can make the bride look all flawless and radiant and also maintain your original character. She takes care of the makeup, hair and the lehenga/ saree draping.

Naina Arora
Best Makeup artists

An airbrush makeup specialist who got her training from Germany. She really works on the base and wants to give the brides a flawless look. She’d take care of the makeup and hair.

Some Suggestions From Our Side
  1. Experiment with different makeup styles before your wedding day so you which specific style of want and the colours you’d want to experiment with. Every bride wants “The Deepika Padukone” look with the heavy done eye when in actuality they start looking more like a panda. Though they’re cute but definitely that’s not the look you’d want!
  2. Follow a skin treatment routine a month or a week before your wedding for a brighter and smoother skin.
  3. Before you sit for your bridal makeup, Could dab some ice on your face for that instant brightness and also because ice tends to close your big open pores and make them look smaller.
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