There are uncountable things that need attention, customization and planning while planning a wedding. And imagine planning your own wedding!!!!!

There is a list of things you can start looking into months before your big day to be able to achieve perfection.

Begin Your Research Work
planning your own wedding

Start “Google-ing” things. Start writing down all the important things you need to look into and customize according to your choice. Be it your lehenga, the trending lehenga style, colours, trending hairdos, trending makeup, the number of functions that you want and what you want to wear on those days. The venue of all those functions, whether you want them to be outdoors and indoors, what’s the weather going to be like. The food that you want. The caters. Everything requires time and effort.

The Budget!
planning your own wedding

It’ll work out even if you need to get things done over night, but only if you’re loaded. But not everyone is so wealthy. We do need to manage the expenses too and figure kind of how much can be spent on the outfits, the venue, the general decorations, and the jewelry, etc.

The Wedding Parties
planning your own wedding

You need to understand that you don’t always need to invite just everyone to every function. Being an Indian wedding you tend to have multiple ceremonies and need to prioritize people. there are a number of intimate ceremonies too like haldi which can be done with the immediate family and close friends instead of inviting the entire colony. It’ll make sense and cut cost too. It is effective too as you can invest the little money that you manage to save in the gifts.

The Guest List
planning your own wedding

Start making the priority list first, please. The ones you adore and cannot miss out on. And then make a secondary list, with people who are going to be invited for formality sake. These peeps can be invited on just the main day.

Want To Hire A Wedding Planner?
planning your own wedding

Now, this is optional. There are a lot of busy girls who would rather spend extra and hire a wedding planner (cause nowadays, time is money) – keep in mind that it’ll cost you a fortune. There are others too who’d rather give it all a personal touch.

The Invites!
planning your own wedding

Everyone who is on the guest list needs to be given the invitation card. Obviously! But you need to decide where you’d like to purchase it from. And also customize it according to your whims and fancies. After all the wedding cards give an insight into the wedding. Speaks volumes.

Your Much-Awaited Honeymoon
planning your own wedding

Planning to go overseas? Get your passport and visa ready. Get together with your fiance and shortlist a destination or two. This too requires budgeting. Plan the number of days, the hotels, places to go sightseeing, places to go shopping, A list of things you might want to shop for your own self and the family. The shopping segment too needs budgeting. You cannot endlessly keep spending. But of course, that’s completely up to you. Also the clothes you’d want to take on your honeymoon. You’d have to shop for it beforehand.

You Need To Schedule Every Small Event
planning your own wedding

For example – On the Sangeet day, You might have a cake to cut. And of course, sangeet means DJ, dance, and drinks. All these activities need to have slots. like you’ll be cutting the cake from 8:30 pm to 9:00 pm. And the bar will be open for drinks at 9 pm onwards. Because more often than not, you will see everything happen at the same time and people will miss out on a lot of things. So, scheduling is always better.

Schedule Appointments With Your Hair And Makeup Artist
planning your own wedding

Your look on your big day is of prime importance. Your makeup artist and your hairdresser need to be given adequate time to work on your look. This too needs budgeting. Also, keep in mind that expensive artists don’t always do a great job. It’s always better to go in for an artist who is tried and tested and you have personally seen their work. Also, decide if you want them to use their makeup on you (which can be a little risky as you cannot be sure of the brand and quality) or you’d prefer using your own makeup.

Make Your Playlist
planning your own wedding

The DJ you call for your Sangeet might have his own playlist but you wouldn’t necessarily like all the songs he’d play. Customize your own playlist is better and more fun as you’d know the mood of the crowd and that can be a lot of fun.

Finalize Your Dinner Menu
planning your own wedding

This will require you to go to your venue and taste the food that could possibly be a part of your menu.

The Engagement Ring
planning your own wedding

Of course the engagement rings isn’t something you can skip! Its actually one of the most memorable items of the wedding and is worn to mark your marriage. It doesn’t have to be something over the top and expensive, it could just be something simple and classy.

You Need To Touch Base With The Vendors
planning your own wedding

This is incase your venue isn’t providing you with decorators. Or if the venue isn’t a hotel or a resort. It’s a farm or a private property that needs to be decorated on our own. This can be quite a pain as it requires you to bargain with the vendors, explain to them what you exactly want, fix up a time with them and also a timeline if you have a list of things that need to be taken care of.

Bachelorette Party

You can make some time for your girl gang, party all night discussing about ex-boyfriends and how childish you were when you made those lame promises and eventually make a mockery out of the entire thing. Sounds soo fun!!

Get Your Outfits Designed

Go to your tailor/ designer, decide your style and colour and give your measurements. Getting your clothes customized is time consuming.

And of course – Now please GET MARRIED!

Getting hitched might sound happy and dream like but its not all that easy! It requires planning that too months in advance. Booking venue months in advance can also fetch you great deals and discounts.

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