All of you might have attended weddings but we would still say that a Punjabi wedding is the one not to miss. Agreed that they are over the top, but they are epic when it comes to “grandeur”.

Who has not heard or been a part of THE BIG FAT INDIAN WEDDING?

Punjabi weddings are right on top when we talk of fun, frolic, and celebrations all combined with a myriad of rituals. They are loud and boisterous, but it is an undeniable fact that Punjabi weddings are right up there when it comes to radiating Joie de vivre. The grandeur is visible in the scrumptious food, clothes and glitzy jewelry, abundant liquor, loud music, and of course the unconditional love.

Imagine then the pomp and show that is put out for the guests. The concept is to outdo the previous wedding in innovation and celebratory spirit but it is an undeniable fact that they are placed where one can see the designer clothes and jewelry amidst all the fun around.

For those who are still to get there, here’s a list of some of the rituals they can expect at a Punjabi wedding which we are sure would be an unforgettable experience.


Punjabi weddings

This is a prayer where everyone invokes God’s blessings for the bride and groom. Usually a close family and close friends affair, the event has gained importance in the wedding calendar as the as relatives meet after a long time. Do not expect any non veg or alcohol here for obvious reasons.


Punjabi weddings

Here is where the music begins. Mehendi artists anoint the hands and feet of the bride with henna. Though it is traditionally a ladies affair, do not hesitate as gender boundaries are now down and it is viewed as another occasion for celebration.


Punjabi weddings

This is the real fun part. The families of the bride and groom (who have been taking dancing lessons for professionals) try to regale you with their expertise and in the process a game of one-upmanship is also played out. Don’t be surprised to see the likes of Badshah or Yo-Yo or at least the local DJ regaling the crowd with their performances. The booze is at its peak with the noise.


Punjabi weddings

Now comes the business part of the ceremonial celebration. The procession that brings the groom to the wedding venue is a fun event in itself. The boys family and friends dance to the accompaniment of bands as the groom follows astride a horse. The tradition is for the boy to be astride a mare and she too is decked up in the best possible manner. As the baraatis reach the venue, they are greeted by the bride’s family by a milni ceremony, then comes the pheras as the bride and groom go around the sacred pyre to solemnise the wedding. The guests greet the newlywed and head home but not before a sumptuous meal.

So folks, do not miss the next invite to one which comes your way and we’re sure you will not regret.

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