It is beyond us Indians to even imagine a wedding without a power-packed sangeet night. Dance is in our DNA! And dancing on Bollywood numbers on weddings is another story altogether.

Dance performances at our Indian weddings are famous even overseas. Indian weddings abroad also see similar extravagance as the local ones, if not the same. YouTube is full of Indian wedding dance performances; videos shot in various parts of the world, especially the places that have a larger Indian population.

We have a list of wedding dance performances that we thought were the best and needed to be seen by as many as possible.

Starting with……

A cute wedding performance by the bride along with her sisters and friends

Boys shaking a leg at their “Bro’s” wedding. Could also be one of their bro codes.

Sister and girl-gang love are unmatchable and unconditional!

That’s what inter-caste marriages look like. So much fun! This is what India is all about!

This one is precious! Couldn’t think of a better way to conclude.

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