Once adopted, your pet too becomes a significant part of your family. So, if the entire family has some or the other role to play at your wedding, why not the pet too!? It can not work too much but can always entertain the guests and also have fun being pet’d.

What more would a host want than to have all the guests entertained and the pet pampered…? More than half of their responsibilities are taken care of right there!

Here are videos of brides who have their pets with them even while taking Pheras.

These videos will surely result in a major meltdown. Keep your hanky or a tissue box close!

The bride is taking the dog along with her, hopefully!

They all wait so patiently for the fur ball to walk in!

Murphy was off course going to be there!

Pet attire is the new thing!

Seems like no couple these days wants to get married without their pet

Undoubtedly The Story of The Day!

Source – https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=bride+entry+with+dog

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