How about a European wedding destination. Most of the couples these days are opting for a destination wedding. Reason being that the close families from both sides would get adequate and quality time to spend and bond with each other. What’s better than both the families bonding with each other that too on a trip/ vacation.

Whether or not you have a wedding in the pipeline, here is a list of the best European wedding destinations.

The Amalfi Coast

Being overpopulated, Almalfi Coast is often overlooked and not even considered as a potential destination while planning a wedding. Unlike other Italian coasts, this one stunning coast is quite affordable and also has perfect mild weather throughout the year. The people here too are very warm and hospitable.

European wedding destinations


With stunning white-washed houses and breath-taking view, the Greek island of Santorini is an ideal destination for a wedding. This memory is going to last you a lifetime at a place where there is unconditional love and respect in abundance. Can’t think of a better destination to get married.

European wedding destinations


Known for its year-round sunshine, The Canary Islands merely four hours away from Europe could be a good destination for a wedding. Especially if you have young guests. This island of Lanzarote houses a volcano in Famara.

European wedding destinations


Who wouldn’t like royal treatment that too not in a different country? It is an awesome destination for a wedding. However, the peak summer months from May to September should be completely avoided.

European wedding destinations


Another hidden gems of Europe that are ideal for weddings. Just 2.5 hours away from the United Kingdom, surrounded with mountains, beaches, lies this little island with an atmosphere that is perfect to tie the knot.

European wedding destinations

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