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What do stars say for you ?


Mar 21 - Apr 20
October 20, 2020
You are more than intuitive enough to fill in any blanks and connect the dots today.


Apr 21 - May 20
October 20, 2020
Your intuitive side is making a scene today, though most likely it is down below the surface of your consciousness. See if you can get your friends to hear you out when you get a wild hunch.


May 21 - Jun 21
October 20, 2020
Conflicting ideas could create a sizzling hot connection with someone new. Disagree!


Jun 22 - Jul 22
October 20, 2020
It's a good day for thinking and introspection. You should certainly try to get some time alone, though if that's too difficult, you may want to engage a good friend or family member on the issue at hand.


Jul 23 - Aug 22
October 20, 2020
If you encounter anyone intimidating today, focus on the fact they're human too.


Aug 23 - Sep 22
October 20, 2020
You are in exactly the right mood for some serious romance today. If you're somehow single, it's a great time to either browse the personals or head out into the night in search of someone special.


Sep 23 - Oct 22
October 20, 2020
Visit a friend who's as intellectually curious as you. Your brain needs stimulation.


Oct 23 - Nov 22
October 20, 2020
Try to dive deeply into today's big mystery -- you might not solve it right away, but you should learn an amazing amount about your friends and coworkers if you poke around and follow your nose.


Nov 23 - Dec 21
October 20, 2020
Tie up loose ends in a neat little bow. You must be certain that done means done.


Dec 22 - Jan 19
October 20, 2020
You're feeling pretty strong and happy, but someone sees you in a different light. Show them that you're not their doormat, but see if you can do it with a smile. That ought to show them!


Jan 20 - Feb 18
October 20, 2020
Social situations are not comfortable to you now, but they may be unavoidable.


Feb 19 - Mar 20
October 20, 2020
Nobody is moving as quickly as you would like them to now, but there's nothing much you can do about that. Just try to make sure that you've got everything under control and get ready to move later!

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